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The San Francisco Tobacco-Free Coalition is a diverse grassroots coalition of health, youth-serving, and environmental agencies from around the Bay Area.  

Tobacco-Free Coalition members prioritize and lead educational and organizing campaigns for a variety of tobacco control initiatives, including limiting availability and promotion of tobacco products, capacity building of community partners, cessation programs, Health Retail SF, and others. The diverse nature of the Coalition assures that the interests and needs of all the many different communities in San Francisco are considered and expressed before actions are taken.


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The Tobacco-Free Coalition has successfully participated in the passing of several tobacco control ordinances in San Francisco. This has positioned San Francisco as a leader in tobacco control, international trade and environmental issues, and as a major metropolitan city with political influence. Some of the major policies that have been adopted as a result of the Coalition’s hard work include:

  • The banning of tobacco vending machines
  • Prohibition of tobacco and alcohol advertising on city property
  • Creation of smoke-free worksites and restaurants
  • Requirement of a tobacco retailers permit
  • Banning of smoking in common areas of multi-unit housing complexes and requiring the disclosure of where smoking is allowed by landlords
  • Prohibition of tobacco products to be sold at pharmacies
  • Smoke-free parks, outdoor events, and farmer’s markets
  • Addressing the proliferation of e-cigarettes with regulations on their use
  • Raising the minimum age of purchasing tobacco products from 18 to 21

The Tobacco-Free Coalition has also taken its efforts beyond its borders in order to address the global pandemic caused by the tobacco industry. For more information on the Coalition’s Global Efforts.

For a more in depth look at the historical Actions of the Coalition and its partners.

Meet our Co-Chairs

Bob Gordon

Bob Gordon, MPH, serves as Project Director for the California LGBT Tobacco Education Partnership. He also co-facilitates The Last Drag, a free stop-smoking program for the LGBT community in San Francisco. As Co-Chair of the San Francisco Tobacco Free Coalition, Bob helped organize San Francisco’s Menthol and Flavored Tobacco ordinance and San Francisco’s Tobacco 21 ordinance and previously was key to the passage of the first tobacco-free pharmacy ordinance in the United States. Bob has been honored with a number of awards for his work, including the 2013 Community-Based Leadership Award from the Alcohol Tobacco and Other Drugs Section of the American Public Health Association and the 2013 Community Activist Award from the American Legacy Foundation.

Anastasia Mallillin

Anastasia Mallillin has been a Coalition member since 2016 as a representative of the Youth Leadership Institute (YLI). YLI is a community-based organization that partners with youth to create positive community change through youth-led campaigns and opportunities for youth leadership. At YLI she engages with young people to conduct research and develop positive change campaigns in their communities. She values being able to partner with brilliant youth and staff every day. Her work has led her to create strong partnerships and collaborations with individuals and organizations throughout San Francisco. She has always been interested in tobacco as it has been a personal issue for herself and her family. She also believes that tobacco is a social justice issue and ties in many of the intersections of power that public health should be acknowledging.

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