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San Francisco Health Code, Article 19Q:  Prohibiting the Sales of Flavored Tobacco Products was approved by San Francisco voters on June 5, 2018 and went into effect July 20, 2018. Because this law is in effect in San Francisco, tobacco retailers can no longer sell flavored tobacco products, such as e-juice, hookah, smokeless, cigarettes, cigarillos etc, which contain an ingredient that imparts a characterizing flavor.
This policy will protect and prevent young people in San Francisco from ever starting to use tobacco products. The Tobacco Industry has historically targeted LGBT people and communities of color with flavored tobacco products, such as menthol cigarettes. They have also design flavored tobacco products to appeal to youth by packaging them in bright colors and offering them in over 15,500 flavors such as crème brulee, cotton candy, strawberry shortcake, and sour gummy worms.  In fact, 4 out of 5 of youth who have ever used tobacco said they started with a flavored product.
Even though flavored tobacco products will no longer be for sale in San Francisco, young people can still buy or get these products else where. Get more information and resources below about youth use and flavored tobacco products. Jump to resources Ending the sale of menthol and flavored tobacco products will also protect and improve the health of Black/African-Americans in San Francisco . Learn more about the Industry’s tactics for menthol cigarettes and impact in the videos below: ‘Black Lives/Black Lungs’ Truth Campaign’s ‘Making Menthol Black’ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2LBMriiWiZ8 Tasha “Six Footah the Poet” Turner’s “No to Tobacco”
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As of 2009 Federal law bans flavors in cigarettes — except for menthol — but not in other tobacco products, including little cigars, e-cigarettes, blunt wraps, smokeless tobacco, cigars, and hookah. This gap in product regulation allows the tobacco industry to continue to use flavors to attract youth and young adults and market flavored products in several ways. (Source: Truth Initiative)

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