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The Community Action Model 22-23 Creating change through building capacity of emerging community leaders to address community health at a policy-system-environmental change level.


Tobacco Free Project 2022-2023 Community Action Model Grants – $300,000

The San Francisco Public Health Foundation has released the Community Action Model Request For Proposals (RFP) for the 2022-2023 CAM cycle!Up to two (2) grants up to $150,000 each. These funds will be awarded to up to two (2) community-based organization(s) to support an 18-month process to recruit a team of emerging community leaders (ECLs) to engage on a public health issue, collect community data, frame possible policy-system-environmental change solutions, and organize community to implement lasting change that improves public health.
CAM Focus Areas for the 2022-2023 cycle include:
  • Smoke-Free Multi-Unit Housing (MUH)
  • Setting a Minimum Retail Sale Price and Minimum Pack Size or Limiting Promotions for the Sale of Tobacco Products
The deadline to submit RFPs is April 15, 2022 by noon. For more information, click on the link! https://sfphf.org/RFPCAM02-2022/



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(Updated March 2022)