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Meet your Support Group Facilitators! 

Cheryl Jones

I have been employed by the Department of Public Health for 13 years.  I have the wonderful experience of  providing  health education in the field of sexual health, lead poisoning, child passenger safety, senior injury prevention and quitting  smoking. In my free time, I love to spend time with my family and travel.

I teach about quitting tobacco because I am a former smoker of 40 years and  I have personally experienced life as a smoker. I know what people are going through when trying to quit smoking. I have the knowledge, skills and tools to help people become smoke-free. 

I take teaching the support group seriously.  This is a participatory group, we do hands-on activities while learning how to become tobacco free.  It is a fun support group.

Come to my support group if you are thinking  about becoming tobacco free.

Alla Rivas

I have been a health educator with the SF Department of Public Health for 28 years. I have been fortunate to work in various neighborhoods of our city and serving the people of all socioeconomic and ethnic backgrounds. I have experience working with families, children, adolescents, and the elderly.

I have had some personal hardships that at the time seemed overwhelming, but I have survived and thrived. And  I now know that no matter where people come from and no matter how much hardship they have endured they still have the strength to better their own lives (with a little help from others).

I believe that once you set your mind up about something you want to change in your life you will get it done. So when I hear you say that you want to quit smoking, I know that you will!

My job is to support you all through your process of quitting by giving you the tools that will help you accomplish your goal!  I look forward to working with you.


Would you like to talk to talk to someone else?

The California Smokers’ Helpline is a FREE telephone service proven to help you quit smoking!

  • English: 1-800-NO-BUTTS (1-800-662-8887)
  • Spanish: 1-800-456-6386
  • Mandarin & Cantonese: 1-800-400-0866
  • Vietnamese: 1-800-778-8440
  • Korean: 1-800-556-5564
  • Deaf/Hearing Impaired: 1-800-933-4TDD

** Ask the Helpline staff about FREE Nicotine Patches!! **

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