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Ever smoke?
Curious about ways to stop?
Want $80?

Check out the Commune Smokefree Social  for a way to quit using an online support group right from your mobile phone.

Commune Smokefree Social is a closed Facebook group with other people who feel the same way about smoking as you do. Earn up to $80 for participating in the group and completing a few surveys.

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You can access a new text-based program by  Truth Initiative by texting “DITCHJUUL” to 887-09.

Click here to find out more information about this new first-of-its-kind FREE quitting program for e-cigarette users.

CA Smokers’ Helpline APP!

The  California Smokers’ Helpline recently launched a NEW smart phone app for quitting services on-the-go. The app comes with tools that help create a stop smoking plan, track triggers, and finding motivation to change the user’s smoking. The app is available for iPhone and Android.



For questions regarding the app, please contact nobuttsmobileapp@ucsd.edu.

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quitSTART App

“The quitSTART app is a free smartphone app that helps you quit smoking with tailored tips, inspiration, and challenges. 

  • Get ready to quit and monitor your progress with tips and information to prepare you for becoming smokefree
  • Manage cravings and bad moods in healthy ways
  • Share your progress and favorite tips through social media




For questions regarding this app, please contact smokefreeteam@icfi.com


(Page updated August 2019)