Successful Actions by Community Capacity Building Projects

2014: Tobacco Density Reduction Ordinance

Tobacco Free Coalition and Youth Leadership Institute: The Tobacco Density Reduction Ordinance amended the Tobacco Permit Ordinance (SF Health Code Article 19H) to place a cap of 45 tobacco retailers per Supervisorial District.  No tobacco permits were taken away; however, no new permits will be issued in districts over the cap.  Additional rules and regulations were placed on tobacco permits as a result of this ordinance.  Read more about the Density Ordinance.

2014: E-Cigs, Use and Required Permits

Tobacco-Free Coalition, Vietnamese Youth Development Center, Youth Leadership Institute: Electronic Cigarette Ordinance adopted (SF Health Code Article 19N), prohibiting the use of electronic cigarettes wherever traditional cigarette use is prohibited and requiring retailers to have a Tobacco Sales Permit. Read more about e-cigarettes

2013: Smoke-Free Housing Disclosure

San Francisco Apartment Association & Dolores Street Community Services: Housing Disclosure Ordinance adopted (SF Health Code Article 19M), requiring property owners to designate units as either smoke free or smoking optional and notify potential renters. Read more


2013: Strengthen Outdoor Smoke-Free Areas at Bars

Freedom From Tobacco: Proposed increased regulation and education of bar regarding compliance with SF Health Code Article 19F and outdoor smoking areas. Read more

2013: Smoke-Free Events Policy

BREATHE CA: Ordinance amending SF Health Code Article 19L to prohibit smoking in outdoor events on city owned property, regardless of the number of people assembled for the event, performance, or competition. Read more

2013: Healthy Retail, Tobacco Litter

Vietnamese Youth Development Center: Enforcement of tobacco control laws, strengthening tobacco litter activities and creation of the Tenderloin Healthy Corner Store Coalition. Read more

2013: Reducing Tobacco Permit Density

Youth Leadership Institute: Proposed ordinance to reduce the density and overconcentration in San Francisco’s supervisorial districts with higher numbers of people of color, youth and low income people. Read more

2013: Increasing Cultural Competency

Tobacco Free Project: Funded seven culturally competent and diverse community based organizations to implement Community Action Model. Read more

2013: Resolution in Support of FDA Ban on Menthol Cigarettes

Tobacco Free Coalition: San Francisco adopted a resolution in support of FDA ban of Menthol and other flavored additives in cigarettes. Read more

2010: SRO Tenants Complaint System through 311 & Required Posting at all SRO’s

Dolores Street Community Services: Collaboration between tenant groups, and the fire, building and health departments results in new systems at “311” for tenant complaints at SROs. Required posting in appropriate languages at SROs adopted through ordinance. Read more

2010: Smoke free MUHCs in the Russian Community

Sunset Russian Tobacco Control Project: Voluntary policy adoption at MUHCs in the SF Russian Community and media materials. Read more

2010: Smoke-Free Multi Unit Housing Complexes in the African American Community

Girls After School Academy: Voluntary policy adoption at MUHCs in the SF African American Community. Read more

2008: Tobacco-Free Sponsorship Policies adopted by LGBT Organizations.

Butt Out (BREATHE CA): 10 LGBT serving organizations adopted tobacco-free funding policies. Read more

2008: Tobacco-Free Pharmacies

SFDPH, Bob Gordon, Tobacco-free Coalition: Tobacco permits no longer issued to pharmacies in chain drug stores and independent pharmacies.  (SF Health Code Article 19 J). Read more

San Francisco Health Code Article 19J, Section 1009.92

2008: New Ordinance to Protect All San Franciscans from the Adverse Health Effects of Secondhand Smoke

Chinese Progressive Association & SFTFC: Adoption of ordinance establishing smoke-free outdoor dining areas, near building entryways, waiting lines, farmers markets, 75% of hotel/motel guest rooms, owner operated bars, charity bingo, tobacco shops, taxi cabs and enclosed common areas of multi-unit housing complexes. (Amending SF Health Code Article 19 F). Read more

2008: Tobacco Permit Ordinance & Enforcement

San Francisco Tobacco-free Coalition: Adoption and implementation of tobacco permit ordinance in San Francisco. Read more

2008: Ban on Distribution of Free Tobacco and Promotional Items in places open to the public and Smoking in Vehicles for Hire including Taxis

Carol McGruder: African American Tobacco-free Project: This ordinance would no longer permit tobacco promotions in bars and nightclubs.  (Amending SF Police Code Article 1, Section 95 and SF Health Code Article 19F).

2008: San Francisco Tobacco-free Coalition & Global Tobacco Control Movement

SFTFC global partnerships, Intercambios and other actions with tobacco control activists abroad. Read more

2008: Policy linking Tobacco Control Funding to Community and Geographic Equity Indicators

PODER (People Organizing to Demand Environmental & Economic Rights) and Chinese Progressive Association: Successfully advocated for the Health Commission to adopt a resolution incorporating community and geographic indicators into evaluation criteria for tobacco control.

2008: Tobacco Graphic Warning Label

POWER (People Organized to Win Employment Rights): Advocated to amend U.S. policies to require graphic warning labels on tobacco packages. Read more

2008: No Tobacco Sponsorship for Events

Project RIDE, Queers Mobilized Against Tobacco  GASA: Successfully advocated for adoption of policies not to accept tobacco sponsorship funds by Asian American, African American and LGBT events. Read more

2008: Proposed Tobacco Mitigation Fee

Literacy for Environmental Justice and Youth Leadership Institute: Advocated for the Board of Supervisors to charge tobacco manufacturers a mitigation fee for the harm their product causes.

2008: Smoke-Free Transit Stops Policy

Thad Brown Boys Academy: Ordinance amended requiring smoke free transit stops in San Francisco.

SF Health Code Article 19F

2003: Smoke-free Voluntary Policies at 3 Multi-Unit Housing Complexes

American Lung Association of SF/SM counties: Successfully advocated for smoke free housing policies at three multi-unit housing complexes. Read more

2003: Good Neighbor Healthy Retail Program

Literacy for Environmental Justice: Successfully advocated to establish and implement Good Neighbor program to increase access to fresh foods and counter pro tobacco influences at stores in BVHP. Read more


2003: Voluntary Smoke-Free Housing Policy at Maria Alicia Apartments

Mission Housing Development Corporation: Successfully advocated for the Maria Alicia Housing Complex to adopt smoke free housing policy designating units as smoke free. Read more

2003: Smoke free policies at CCSF and SFSU

Latino Issues Forum: Advocated for City College of San Francisco and San Francisco State University to be tobacco-free campuses. Read more

2003: SF Tobacco-Free Coalition & Global Tobacco Control Movement

San Francisco Tobacco-Free Coalition: Description of education exchange between SF tobacco control projects and tobacco control projects from outside the U.S. Read more

2003: Voluntary Smoke-Free Housing Policies at MUHCs

Booker T. Washington Community Service Center: Successfully advocated for the adoption of smoke free housing policies at Hayes Valley North and South Housing Complex Tenant Association.

2003: Internet Tobacco Sales

Documented illegal tobacco sales to minors on Internet and called for legislation at press conference.

1999: Bidis and Child Labor Enforcement

Booker T. Washington Community Service Center and SF African American Tobacco-Free Project: Filed complaint with US Customs Unit re: ban of import of bidis made with child labor, resulting in the US Customs Unit placed a detention order on the import on Mangalore Ganesh bidis.

1999: MSA funds set aside for Tobacco Control

Chinese Progressive Association & SFTFC: Successfully advocated for $1million of MSA funds to be set aside for tobacco control.

1999: Cigarette related fire safety & Minimum requirements at SROs

Mission Agenda & Homeless Prenatal Program: Advocated for a policy requiring any hotel receiving City money to meet minimum requirements for decent living conditions including fire safety issues.

1999: Banning the tobacco subsidiary products from SF’s Schools

Mission Housing Development Corporation: Successfully advocated for the Board of Education to prohibit the sale of tobacco subsidiary food products on public school campuses.

1998: Policy by Park & Rec banning smoking in outdoor playgrounds

South of Market Council: Successfully advocated for the Park and Recreation Commission to adopt a policy to prohibit smoking in outdoor playground areas. Read more

1998: Bidis, National enforcement of warning label policies

Booker T. Washington Community Service Center: Worked with FTC and SFTFP to enforce existing laws: warning labels, sales to minors. Etc. Read more 

1996: Policy adopted by the SF School Board banning tobacco promotional paraphernalia in schools

Chinese Progressive Association: Successfully advocated for the Board of Education to prohibit the wearing and carrying of tobacco promotional paraphernalia. Read more